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Sustainability Management


MELCON pursues safe management and puts the executives/employees’ health and safety into practice.

MELCON makes efforts to become a company that allows all its members to be happy in a sound and safety environment.

MELCON is well aware of the importance of environment and safety, and makes efforts to enhance
the sustainability of the environment and safety sectors through operating groups in charge.
MELCON practices safety priority management, constructs a co-existence and safety culture with its partner companies,
and puts customized health management into practice.


Compliance with Environmental Laws
MELCON hired technical experts with expertise in environment to effectively comply with the environmental laws, and installed and is legitimately operating environmental pollution prevention facilities such as air pollution prevention facilities. In addition, MELCON continuously monitors applicable laws to respond to the environmental laws to be reinforced in the future.


Inspection and Risk Assessment
To prevent fire explosions and leaks as well as to prevent critical industrial accidents, MELCON personnel ranging from the CEO to the executives/employees conduct risk factor cultivation and improvement activities by participating in safety inspection activities and risk assessments.
Education and Training
To allow the executives/employees to cultivate their knowledge of safety and health, all the executives/employees receive an online safety and health training on a quarterly basis, and all the executives/employees and the partner company workers working at this company receive a random emergency response training on an annual basis, and are making efforts to enhance their emergency response capabilities through habituation.
Co-existence Activities with Partner Companies
MELCON conducts co-existence and cooperation activities to help its partner companies enhance their knowledge and sense of safety through diverse safety and health support activities such as laws and regulations information, safety training data and on-site joint inspections applicable to internal/external partner companies.